Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Near Deadly Assault and No Arrests Despite Overwhelming Evidence

Update 7/19/13: Warrants have been issued by the Maricopa Sherrif's department for Joey MarinaccioBrandon Mayjor Reece  and Gino Robert Abishalom, yet no arrests have been made despite these young men updating their whereabouts on Facebook for the whole world to see. Is the new standard of police work that the perpetrators need to walk into the police station for the community and victim to see justice?  Please call the number below if you know the whereabouts of said perpetrators and demand police action (thank you on behalf of Greg's family):

Maricopa County Sheriff's Office:
>> (602) 876-1602 ask for Deputy Owen

Statement from the Victim's Family: We as Greg's family will not sit in silence and live in fear. These assailants will not continue to victimize our family, despite the threats, and most recent encounter with Devin Jemette and others. We will continue to work tirelessly until these assailants are brought to justice. This type of reckless behavior will not be tolerated within our family. We would also like to take a moment to thank those who have had the courage to speak up and help our family gather information for this ongoing investigation. We would like to encourage anyone with further information on these assailants whereabouts or further information regarding this case to please contact Maricopa County Sheriff's Office (602) 876-1602 and ask to speak with Deputy Owen.

Update 7/9/13: The crime took place within the jurisdiction of the Maricopa County Sheriff's office District III.  The victims family met with Dep. G Owen S1379 today 7/9/13 to discuss the course of action the police are taking and the charges that are being considered. Both Greg's sisters and mother were present during the meeting.  Dep G Owen was dismissive and harsh with his words saying that the department is understaffed and that they are not paid very well, as such they are too busy to keep looking for the suspects.  (I'm paraphrasing what I have been told by the family!).  Dep G Owen told the family that to get a warrant issued will take 2-3 weeks.  The family of the vicitm told Dep G Owen that the three principal assailants in the assault confronted Greg in a parking lot recently and threatened his life; the family is told, still nothing can be done to apprehend the suspects any sooner. 

Update 7/2/13: As you can see, this story is getting a ton of traction in the search engines and on Facebook/Social platforms, we have reached out to the Mayor of Phoenix & Peoria/ Fox News, ABC, Channel 11, Phillip Defranco Show (huge global activists viewer base), and the District Attorney. Please Sign the Petition by clicking here and email the Mayor of Peoria since Peoria is where the crime took place, click here to email Mayor Bob Barrett!

7/9/13: 3TV 'On Your Side' Covered the Story:

7/12/13: CBS Channel 5 TV Covered the Story:

In addition to signing the Petition I encourage all of you who share our outrage to call:
Maricopa County Sheriff's Office:
>> (602) 876-1602 ask for Deputy Owen
Mayor of Peoria:
>> (623) 773-7368

What Happened?
On June 29th, 2013 in Peoria Arizona, Joey Marinaccio (US Army 3 years), Brandon Mayjor Reece  and Gino Robert Abishalom (Unemployed with priors) were the principal assailants in a violent crime involving 10 or so young men who brutally and unfairly beat one stand alone young man Gregory Lubline.  The attack was premeditated and involved several strikes to Gregory's skull with a pair of brass knuckles which ups the aggravated assault charge to assault with a deadly weapon which carries an Arizona statutory minimum sentence of 5 years and a maximum sentence of 15 years.  According to the state of Arziona (ARS 13-1204 Aggravated Assault Statutes) an assault with a deadly weapon is a class 3 felony.  The single most important factor that separates an aggravated assault charge from an assault with a deadly weapon charge is two-part as it relates to this incident:

The Assault must have:
  • Caused serious physical injury to a person.
  • Include the use of a deadly weapon or some other dangerous instrument.
It has come to my attention through the statements of eye witnesses that Greg was escorted by one of the men who had just beaten him (Brandon) from the living room to an air vent and kept there while his head was bleeding. The reason he was moved was to avoid being seen by policemen who arrived shortly after the assault. According to the state of Arizona (A.R.S. § 13-1304 Kidnapping/Abduction), a person can be charged with Kidnapping/Abduction if the following occurs: 'Place the victim or a third person in reasonable apprehension of imminent physical injury to the victim or the third person.

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The Injustice...

Despite the confession of Joey Marinaccio (as seen to the left) in a recent Facebook post, no arrests have been made as it relates to this incident.  How unjustly preposterous is our judicial system here in Maricopa County that even after metropolitan police have seen the video (seen below), no arrests have been made and even after Joey Marinaccio's egotistical confession on Facebook, still no arrests have been made. It is my hope and the hope of the victims family that the young men who were involved in this attack are brought to justice and the assault is not simply swept under the rug as with many assault incidents. I can tell you as someone who knows Gregory and his family that he didn't provoke these young men nor did he "snitch" on the assailants after the crime.  With evidence like this, it is the RESPONSIBILITY of the state prosecutors office to file charges and disrupt the intimidation that typically takes place after such crimes as this.

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   Brandon Mayjor Reece
   Gino Robert Abishalom
    Joey Marinaccio
   Joey Marinaccio

    Brandon Reece

It is my hope that the state prosecutors office steps in and brings these young men to justice. I'm providing a link to a petition that I would like each and every reader to take a minute to sign.  Your information will not be shared with the assailants of this crime, but will be shared with the state prosecutors office. It will just take a second of your time and you will be doing your part to make sure atrocities like this do not continue to happen and negate judicial responsibility.

Petition (Please Click the following Link and fill out the form):  http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/justice-of-the-victim-of-an-assault-with-deadly/ 

Gregory (Greg) Lubline was taken to the emergency room where doctors stapled the top of his skull to stop the bleeding and he received multiple stitches. 

Background as to the events leading up the assault: Gregories birthday was the same day he was assaulted.  He was lured to a house by "friends" who wanted to throw him a surprise party.  It was a trap set by the men you see in the video. These men did this because rumors had started that Gregory was an undercover police officer who was responsible for a party being broken up last year and many people including the men you see in the video below were cited for Minor In Consumption (MIC). That is why you can hear Brandon Mayjor Reece at the end of the video say Gregory Lubline MIC while he throws up his arms. 

After the assault, the police were called and when they arrived, no evidence of an assault was present because Greg's body was moved from the living room where the assault took place to an air vent to be hidden from the police. Greg laid unconscious stowed away in an air vent while everyone kept drinking and partying. The gash on his head inflicted by the brass knuckles strike caused mass amount of blood loss.  Greg laid there bleeding out for over two hours before he was found and taken to the hospital. If Greg had not been found, this story could have very well been about a homicide and not about an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon that is not getting the due process it deserves.

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A Message to the Assailants: This blog was created independent of the help of Greg but rather by someone who is really interested in seeing a legal example made out of you.  It's in your interest to admit to your families and the police your involvement in the crime because each supporter and participant of this crime will be put in the spotlight by the hands of many. 

Video of the Crime:

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Suspected Assailants Information:

Suspect #1 Joseph "Joey" Marinaccio
Listed as currently Joining US Army
Facebook Profile (deleted account 7/2/13 presumably to cover up the incriminating comments he was leaving, but FB doesn't delete those just so you know. IP addresses are logged and subpoenas are issued.)https://www.facebook.com/joey.marinaccio.5 

Suspect #2 Brandon "Mayjor" Reece

Suspect #3 Gino Robert Abishalom

Height: 6ft 02in Weight: 135lbs AGE/DOB: 2/19/1993
Booked: 05/25/2013 Booking ID: 111337435
convicted Felon

Crime occurred at 10120 w camino de oro , Peoria, AZ at the home of Cindy Jemmett who was currently present during the assault... https://www.facebook.com/cindy.jemmett?ref=ts

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Facebook Confession of Joey Marinaccio:

Joseph "Joey" Marinaccio, Brandon "Mayjor" Reece, Gino Robert Abishalom

Joseph "Joey" Marinaccio, Brandon "Mayjor" Reece, Gino Robert Abishalom

Joseph "Joey" Marinaccio, Brandon "Mayjor" Reece, Gino Robert AbishalomClick Here to sign the petition >> (consider if this was your son, daughter, father, mother, cousin, brother, sister)!

Disclaimer: The opinions and facts expressed in this article are that of the author and the author's sources to best of the author's knowledge. The suspects/assailants mentioned in this article are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.